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Thanks Hardy for the correction.


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> Givat Haim is near Hadera. It divided into two during the
> division,created Givat Haim Hameuchad nearby, where Benaharon
> was a member.
> Nasty affair,
> Hardy
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> >A few words about Yitshak Ben-Aharon.
> >He was the cousin of my grandfather (father of my mother) -
> their fathers - Aharon and Yitzhak Nussenbaum, respectively,
> were brothers. He hebraicised his name taking up his father's
> name. Apparently both he and my mother's grandfather (his uncle)
> were named after a common grandfather, as was usual.
> >He started Hashomer Hatzair in Czernowitz (coincidentally, he
> was the Madrikh of my aunt - sister of my father, in the
> Hashomer Hatzair Ken in Czernowitz) - and later in all Romania.
> >Before his lengthy career as ideologist and leader in the Ahdut
> Haavoda and later in the Mapam party, and Head of various
> Ministries, he had joined the British Army in Palestine in 1940,
> became officer (I believe Lieutenant), fought in Greece, was
> captured by the Wehrmacht and was interned until end of WWII in
> a warprisoner camp for captive British officers.
> >He died just two months before his 100th birthday - quite an
> achievement in itself - in his kibbutz Givat Haim (near
> Rehovot). Was quite lucid and gave a remarkable interview on
> Television a year and a half before that.
> >Just a hilarious remark - his most remembered "lament", when
> the right-wing Likkud of Begin came to power, following the
> famous "Mahapakh" (dramatic change) elections, was "the nation
> needs to be replaced"... Quite an ideologist...
> >
> >Mordecai
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