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 because the tram circulated only on one North- South line
  on rails.
Omnibusses needed no rails and circulated on many different streets.
 It was no preference but the only choice.


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>From what I remember, from 1940 and on, Czernowitz did not have
there were tramcars, called "tramvay" which operated on metal lines
built into the pavement and electrical lines above. And there were
which operated on wheels like a bus, but electrical lines above, like
a tramcar.
I remember much preferring the "omnibus" to the "tramvay", but I do
not know why.

On May 10, 2014, at 7:36 AM, Edgar Hauster wrote:

> Czernowitzers...
> Something for our "techies", but not only! In addition to Iosif's
> report on the first trolleybus lines in Czernowitz, I've published
> an illustrated article on the "First Autobus Lines in Czernowitz"
> at our Blog:
> "Putting into operation of 10 autobuses, bearing the car numbers
> 310-319 by I.E.C.M. [Electromechanical Corporation of the
> Municipality of Czernowitz] on August 26, 1933, servicing three
> permanent and two seasonal bus routes. The autobuses, Type Fiat
> 622, assembled in Brașov, were dark red, had a 45 HP engine, 19
> seats on luxury leather benches, ventilation system and a double
> door, manually or automatically operated by the driver. The bus
> garage has been erected next to the tramway depot."
> All aboard?!
> Edgar Hauster
> Lent - The Netherlands
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