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David , are you a member of the group ?
If not apply for membership.

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   The caramel was "Stollwerk", still in business,
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> Dear Hardy,
> I do not know you personally but from the emails I see that you are one of
> the more active members of this gtroup.
> I am a new member only some two months but I do not know how to
> participate in the discussions.
> I have reacted a number of times but got no reaction.
> That is why I write to you to help me integrate.
> You have asked what brands from Cernowitz we know. I have remembered a
> caramel sweet called "Schtolberg". It was wraped in transparent paper with
> its name on it and the price was one leu.
> I have some old pictures from Cernowitz and I do not know if they are of
> any interest.
> 1. one picture of the finishing year of the girls clas in Cerniwitz, I
> think it is from the year 1918 made by I. Krzanonski, CZERNOWITZ,
> Herrengasse 39, KAMMERFOTOGRAF. There are 15 Freuleins and 7 teachers.
> 2. a picture of a sport club (Maccabi ?
> 3 a picture of a smaller number of members
> 4 a picture of the second primary clas in 1941 with the teacher fom
> Kharkov, now in the news, her name was Liuba Pavlovna Deliantzeva.
> 5. a picture of all the employes of the firm Glaser, Parfumeria and
> Drogerie
> in the Herrengasse.
> If you think that they are interesting, let me know and I will send them
> to you as attachments so you will be able to show them.
> David

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