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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 11:22:39 -0400
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What prompts us to look up numbers that no longer work
which once belonged to people long gone whom we can
no longer call?

We do not look for the telephone numbers, but for the addresses
of ancestors, relatives and friends. Sometimes in order
to verify information, but most of the time, in order to help us
imagine or remember streets and buildings, which sometimes
are still preserved.

We read books and watch movies about past events and locations,
why not try to learn and imagine our own past and that of our ancestors?


On May 16, 2014, at 9:42 AM, Andy Halmay wrote:

> I had to hire two detectives to find out how one opts for plain text
> mode in gmail. But at least gmail still works while Yahoo does so
> only intermittently.
> Now I just checked the 1936 CZ telephone directory. Somebody must
> have gone to a lot of trouble to find it and reproduce it.
> What is it about homo erectus that prompts us to look up numbers that
> no longer work which once belonged to people long gone whom we can no
> longer call? In the same amount of time we could clean a kitchen
> counter or tidy the papers on our desks. It would be nice to see what
> my desktop looks like. I can no longer remember. God only knows what I
> might find in these stacks of paper - perhaps a lost medical
> prescription or a winning lotto ticket.
> It was nice, though, to find Isidor Greif's phone number. He lived at
> Strada Traian numero 3, right next door to us. We were in 3-A. I
> played with Eddie Greif who I hope is still alive in Australia, which
> is where they moved to. Lucca had told me she remembered him well but
> she is gone now, too.
> My dad was listed as Istvan Halmai, his Hungarian name. The Romanians
> more often used Stefan Halmai.
> It was nice to see the original spelling, too, with an "i" instead of
> the "y" that the Canadians gave us. I'd love to find a list with my
> great grandfather as Greenberg.
> Now who is left in the Cernauti 1936 administration to whom I could
> write to point out that they got the phone number right but the
> address entirely wrong. They gave us a street I'd never heard of. No
> wonder they lost Bucovina. They just couldn't do anything right.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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