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I can only judge by estimates and impression.
The majority of Czernowitzer Jews were poor and lived
in houses like this.
 Most of non Jews lived worse,
   The outside facades looked nice and had Greek Mytology
  plaster reliefs.
    This is why all of Cz went crazy about Schiller,
    And the Viennese find Cz tombstones so inspiring
    and out of the ordinary and worthy to preserve..
     While we were looking for a safe way to get
     to the stone and put there some flowers,
      The German speakers are perplexed with the texts.
   Thats how I see it.

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> To some extent these courts have deteriorated with the years,
> but even when they were new, they were crowded and unattractive.
> Buildings like this one were called "Mietkasserne"
> and middle income people lived in them.
> Only kitchen, bathroom and maids-rooms windows faced these courts,
> therefore no statues or decorations.
> Children played in the courtyards, where mothers could watch them
> from the kitchen windows.
> Mimi

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