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Revival of the Jewish life in Czernowitz:
 Not the Chief rabbis ( there are two) not the Shoshana of the Graces
 not the canteen and health care will bring back the glorious days
  of Czernowitz Jewry.
   Except the cemetery there is no hope for
    the real revival of the community.


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> Having read this quite thoroughly I find it strange that even though the
> author says she spent a specific time investigating the Jewish community
> etc
> she makes no mention of Rav Kofmanski and his shul. One gets the
> impression
> that there was nothing there till the arrival of Chabad....which is very
> wrong!!! Cornel
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> Dear Listers
> I thought you might be interested to read this paper I spotted by Katarina
> Koziura in the academic journal Anthropology of East Europe Review. You
> can
> download it from this link.
> It's about modern day Ukrainian nationalism but from the point of view of
> every day life for all the different ethnicities at present.
> Helene Ryding
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