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And yet another:

            "I doubt if there is another small town in books and countless
articles to hundreds started it; Why has the city of Czernowitz so much
attention, maybe that was a city of many minorities living in harmony,
perhaps because she was entity thirst for literature, theater and music, and
maybe because of that growth countless scholars, writers and poets. "

            Aharon Appelfeld, Israel Prize laureate for "My Czernowitz"

      Chernivtsi is currently the university district city in Ukraine,
located on the banks of the Prut River, near the border with Northern
Romania. In 2001 a population of 240 621 people.

      Chernivtsi is a modern city with buildings with nice architecture,
statues monuments, green parks and squares come.

      From -1774 to 1919 the city was ruled by Austria Bmsgrotih various
countries and was the capital of Bukovina. Much of an old European-style
houses located in the origin at this time, considered by most residents
golden age "and the case was called Little Vienna. During this period the
German language and culture were dominant in the city.

      At the end of the period of the Austro - Hungarian population numbered
about 87,000 persons and was one of the largest cities in the kingdom.

      After the breakup of the Austro - Hungary in 1918, dominated the city
and its environs by the Kingdom of Romania, which ruled in Czernowitz until
1940, when the Red Army took the city and is annexed to the Soviet Socialist
Republic of Ukraine belongs to the Soviet Union.

      At the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941
during World War II, Romania took control of the city and most of the
southern Ukraine. After the success of the Red Army to resist the armies of
the Axis powers, which the city in 1944 Soviet control.

      1870 until the outbreak of World War II Jews were the largest ethnic
group in the city. The Jewish population reached its peak in more than
50,000 of which less than a third survived the Holocaust.

      Previously had a large Jewish population in Czernowitz. Many of them
came to Czernowitz during the Austrian regime, relatively tolerant regimes
nearby areas.Particularly interesting to discover row Stars of David -
perhaps a sign of admiration for his local rabbi architect, head of the
University magnificent towers of the city, which was originally used
Christian archbishop residence. The Jewish population was very diverse:
Reform referred to as "walking forward", Orthodox, called "standing",
assimilated German culture, Zionists, Communists and Bund members (Workers
Party). Czernowitz Jews spoke a language based on Viennese German, sometimes
peppered with words and phrases in Ukrainian and Yiddish and Haredi
population spoke mainly Yiddish.

      In August 1941, Antonescu, Romania's fascist dictator, ordered the
establishment of Jewish ghetto in Czernowitz, which were packed into about
50,000 Jewish residents as two-thirds of them were sent to Transnistria
where most of them perished.

      Romanian mayor of Czernowitz, Traian Popovici (Righteous), managed to
persuade Antonescu to raise the quota of Jews exempted from deportation than
200 to 20,000, and thus saved them.

      After World War II, most Jews of Czernowitz emigrated to Israel and
the United States.

      Number of prominent figures who were born or lived in Czernowitz long,
here is a short list of people who have any connection to the Israeli

        a.. Aharon Appelfeld - Super Holocaust, Israel Prize laureate for
literature for Tshm"g.

        b.. Eliakim - Gustav Diane - Ninth Knesset member for Likud.

        c.. Ruth Kliger - Aliab - Zionist activist and a Mossad.

        d.. Mila Kunis - Jewish American actress, Emmy Award winner.

        e.. Isaac Manger - poet, playwright and novelist Yiddish.

        f.. Dan Pagis - poet and translator of Hebrew.

        g.. Traian Popovici - Romanian mayor of Czernowitz during World War
II, saved 20,000 Jews of Czernowitz, Righteous Among the Nations.

        h.. Ze'ev Scharf - Finance Minister Eshkol government.

        i.. Mihai Eminescu - the Romanian poet largest and best known.

        j.. Jacob Frank - one of the most prominent as a follower of Shabtai

        k.. Zvi Laron - Israeli physician, a founder of the Children's
endocrinology. Served as a professor at Tel Aviv University.

        l.. Israeli Folk - Founder of Polgat textile conglomerate Israel
Prize laureate.

        m.. Joseph Schmidt - opera and operetta singer, lyric tenor and
cantor famous Jew, was also known by nicknames "Nightingale Czernowitz" and
"kroseo Jew. " Worked mainly in Germany and Austria and is considered one of
the greatest tenors German-speaking countries in general.

        n.. Moshe Schnitzer - President of the Israel Diamond Exchange,
Israel Prize laureate.

        o.. Zvi Javits - Israeli historian who specialized in the history of
ancient Rome, a founder of the Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University,
Israel Prize laureate in Humanities in 1990.

        p.. Yuli Edelstein - Speaker of the Knesset for Likud.

        q.. Tirer life - the great Chassidic movement and author renowned
Chassidic books. He became known as Reb Chaim Czernowitz for his role as the
Rabbi of Chernovtsy.

        r.. Jacob Menchel - Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the
National Council of Geriatrics, a world expert on osteoporosis. former
director of the Ministry of Health.


Romanian translator and editor Robin deer
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