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      This act was in Czernowitz in 1935 when our childhood was not yet
threatened by the destructive war and despite the dark clouds had hovered
over our heads we children did not understand the gravity of the situation.

      On a rainy, rainy Not when my sister Dora was 10 and I was 8 we walked
our pleasure street Flondor / Herrengasse * at the Corso cinema as cinema
entrance were a number of ladies organizing a charity fundraiser.

      Everyone who wanted to participate was welcomed and Dora and I we
reported the operation as well as many others.

      Old lady, her request to join our territory Appeal, gave us a small
tin box with a slot in the lid through which the coins were supposed to
dangle inside. Also received tags with pin were supposed lapel pin generous
donors fundraising effort in sympathy.

      Dora and I took the matter seriously and turned to passersby, "a small
contribution, please."

      As children, few refused our request and even contributed to one
master bill 20 lei truly exceptional contribution relative to the currencies
received from small donors.

      After two hours we returned back tired but satisfied, we gave full
boom box and asked for another box to continue the work of fundraising.

      Apparently the lady in charge questioned the ability of two small
children aged 8 and 10 to fill the box and refused to give us another box.

      We were offended because we knew we did refusal good work collecting
donations but still we continued to hang around.

      Apparently the lady who refused to give us another box meanwhile
opened the box we had brought and was surprised to find the great loot. She
finally relented and called us to get another box.

      We are two young girls and politely refused damaged another box filled
with pride and continued on our way.


      (Erna Rubin)

      * Herrengasse was the German name of the main street of Czernowitz and
the Flondor was named during the Romanian occupation after 1918,

The original manuscript of

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