Re: History - [Cz-L]Trajan Popovich success to stop deportation to Transnistria

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If only they had been able to save all the Jews of the Ghetto
[Stephen Winters]

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> On May 24, 2014, at 1:41 PM, "HARDY BREIER" <HARDY3_at_BEZEQINT.NET> wrote:
> Dear Maurice,
> The exact facts will remain riddles but:
> Queen mother Elisabeth of Rumania, was of English royalty. She threatened
> to leave Rumania if the Jews of Ghetto Czernowitz were deported.
> There were Jewish tycoons in Rumania like Filderman .
> Antonescu never wanted a war with England and America.
> All the above are more rumors than fact.
> But with no better points , the truth lies somewhere
> in the above , or nearby.
> Hardy
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> Subject: History - [Cz-L]Trajan Popovich success to stop deportation to
> Transnistria
> Hi
> I have researched the history and am amazed that he could get away without
> the Nazi Germans (SS) or Rumanian stopping him or even eliminating (killing)
> him
> I read Trajan's story and other documents.
> I believe that after granting permission to stay in Czernowitz the proper
> were allowed to leave the ghetto and return to their homes they left when
> the ghetto was created.
> My older sister claims that the Rumanian government got a lot of money -
> from whom?
> Any information on this matter will be appreciated
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