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Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 23:05:39 +0000
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Hey Shula - What a priceless event! Your boys are amazing. I really
enjoy watching them grow up through Facebook. Thanks for all you
contribute to the list, too!


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>Dear all,
>Our Benjamin turned seven recently. He realised a few weeks ago that if
>he is alive now, he must have had ancestors stretching back to the stone
>age and beyond. He was thrilled with this thought and asked me, who were
>my ancestors?
>I took down the photo of my family taken in about 1915 (Vienna, in the
>Ehpes album) and told him, here are some of them. He took it from me and
>told his brother (3), "These were YOUR ancestors Joely!" Then he asked
>all sorts of questions about their army uniforms, at which point he got a
>lesson about the Telegraph Regiment and an introduction to the name,
>Cornel Fleming...
>"I am going to put this up in my room," he told me, and off he went. So I
>don't have my favourite photo in the kitchen any more and I am very, very
>proud of my lovely boy.
>Thank you all for being here to share your knowledge, wisdom and stories.
>Jerome and Bruce: kol hakovod! And a hug, albeit a digital one, for all
>that you do.
>Warm regards,
>Shula Klinger
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