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Dear Yosi,

Thank you so much for this story !

For now we have a few -very few- similar stories in our "collection".

As you said: Everybody can make his own conclusion about Human behavior.

Best wishes,

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I'm not sure I told this story before. Anyway. When we were in Tulchin
Ghetto in Transnistria my father was charged for communicating with his
family back home, and we were transferred at the end of 1943 to Tiraspol
Ghetto were my father was meant to be tried for this offence. All this under
Romanian Jurisdiction. Tiraspol was also a strategic supply center to the
German forces at the front. Which means that Germans were actually the ones
who controlled Tiraspol. A day or two after our arrival, when father was
standing at the gate of the Ghetto a German car stopped near the gate, and
the German Major in the car motioned to my father to come to the car - now I
suppose some of you know that in Transnisria to be transferred from the
Romanians to the Germans meant almost 100% extermination - so my father
seeing this, was very frightened and didn't move. Then the German Major
called out " Wolf, what's the matter with you don't you remember me? I'm ...

(I forgot his name)". It turned out that this German officer belonged to a
German family from Czernowitz. He and my father were classmates at
high-school, and used to meet occasionally before the war. To make a long
story short. This officer needed the professional skills of my father. He
arranged for our family to be moved out of the Ghetto. At the request of my
father he arranged for some people from various locations in Transnistria to
be transferred to Tiraspol in order to help with the task of ...sorting
eggs. When the Soviet army approached Tiraspol he arranged for our family to
be put on a train of the retreating Romanian Army to Czernowitz. The Soviet
Army conquered Czernowitz a few days after our arrival. This German at that
time was a benefactor to our family and a few others. The fact is he and
some other I know about joined the Nazi Army. Everybody can make his own
conclusion about Human behavior.
 Yosef Eshet

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> Yes this is quite true, but in 1941 all left.
> As the Jews did in 1945-6.
> Without regrets.
> Hardy
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>> But there is a lot of evidence that many of the Bukovina Germans were not
>> overly impressed by the Vaterland and moved on to the USA and Canada.
>> They
>> too have descendants etc who come to visit Czernowitz..I have met quite a
>> few!! Cornel
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