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A nice story

Thank you for sharing


Jerry Lapides Ph.D.

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To all
I would like to add a similar story. As the German / Roumanian troops
occupied Czernowitz very few people moved outside their homes with all the
murder & mayhem happening. We were locked in our homes in fear for our lives
,you dare not breathe. Suddenly a German open sedan stopped in front of our
home an officer came and knocked at the door ,with fear in his heart my
father opened the door. The officer called out : Herr Weisinger koennen sie
mich nicht ? ( Mr. Weisnger don't you recognise me ? ) As it turned out,
that officer worked for my father in Leipzig, germany , where my father used
to purchase furs being in the fur trade. Once mutual recognition took place
,he ordered one of his man to bring in a sack of food & bread. He assured my
father as long as his unit is in Czernowitz we will be safe. You never know
as some unexpected things happen, unquestionable reason.
Fred. Weisinger

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> This story brilliantly shows why being a list member is such a
> rewarding get to hear about history that you would otherwise
> know!!!!! Cornel

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