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Cornel, since we know that there was antisemitism in the world it
stands to reason that there would have been some in the armed forces.
Obviously, from our limited knowledge, there was none or little. Dad
served in the Austro-Hungarian army and never mentioned any incidents
but he mention so little of anything that he remained a mystery to me
throughout his life.

Alas, there was always an overt and false perception of antisemitism
as illustrated in the joke about the youngster who went to an audition
for a job as a radio announcer. When he returned and was asked how it
went he stuttered, "I w..we..went in and th-th-there was a big
mi-microphone and and and th-they g-g-gave me a script...but a Jewish
kid ain't got a chance in radio."

If the individual in the service happened to have offensive manners
and other soldiers or officers took a dislike to him, they wouldn't
cuss him out as a damned Frenchman or Ethiopian, they would cuss him
out as a Jew. On the other hand that kind of false perception is not
unreasonable in view of the 2000 year history of antisemitism. It
would probably be safe to assume that there was less of it in the
Austro-Hungarian Army.

[Andrew Halmay]

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