Re: [Cz-L] "I Remember Them Now" by Laurence Salzmann

From: Sylvie Gsell <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:56:45 +0200
To: Edgar Hauster <>
Reply-To: Sylvie Gsell <>

So sad to see this moving film about the last jews of Radauti !
My family was living there, the Reicher and Stern family.

Our dear Dorin who was so devoted to help us about our roots...
We don't forget all of them !

A big "merci" to Laurence, Edgar and Bondy who preserved the memory of a
vanished community !

A Radautzer from France

Sylvie Reicher Gsell
268 Place des Cosmonautes
34280 La Grande Motte
00 33 4 34 00 34 14
00 33 6 09 98 52 70

2014-06-23 8:51 GMT+02:00 Edgar Hauster <>:

> Czernowitzers - rather - Radautzers...
> Laurence Salzmann, the outstanding photographer and author of the book
> "The Last Jews of Radauti" is presenting a professional 17:13' documentar=
> which I'd like to share with all of you at:
> From the Blue Flower Films we learn: In the late 1930's, there were eight
> thousand Jews in R=C4=83d=C4=83u=C8=9Bi, a small town in the Bukovina reg=
ion of Romania.
> During 1974-76, when the photographer/filmmaker Laurence Salzmann went to
> R=C4=83d=C4=83u=C8=9Bi on a Fulbright Fellowship, there were only two hun=
dred and forty
> Jews among the entire population of twenty-two thousand. "I Remember them
> Now" is a short film made from newly rediscovered, kodachromes and audio
> from the Salzmanns' original time in R=C4=83d=C4=83u=C8=9Bi.
> The images include: Mr & Mrs Baruch, Willie Clipper, Dorin Fr=C3=A4nkel, =
> Fredrich, Miss Gr=C3=BCnglas, Jacob Kamiel, Abraham Kern, Moses Lehrer, Z=
> Lehrer, Jakub Malik, Mrs Rath, Max Rosenblatt, Laurence Salzmann, Hortens=
> Steiner, Sim=C3=B3n Tessler, Nathan "Bubi" Thau, Rabbi Josef Tirnauer, Mr=
> Weber, Mr Zisser.
> Enjoy this short documentary! Magnificent stills! Touching music! Poetry!
> Laurence, thank you for sharing!
> Edgar Hauster
> Lent - The Netherlands
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