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I share with you some of my late mother Pearl Fichman's recollections
of that time from her book Before Memories Fade:

"On Friday, June 27, at about noon time, the first Russian troops
arrived. Logically, I should have been overjoyed since my world views
were in accordance with a socialist world order. However, the pact of
nonaggression, the partition of Poland, the attack of Finland, the
cynicism of Soviet politics had shaken my outlook. One did not know
essentially what to expect. We had heard from some Polish Jews, who had
fled from Galizia during the preceding year, that the Russian regime
was cruel, oppressive and that prisons were overflowing with citizens
who had not committed any crimes. The jails were filled with merchants,
storekeepers or formerly members of political parties - right, left,
center. The word 'Siberia' crept in occasionally. As a result of these
diverse strands of information, when the Russians came into our town, I
felt some trepidation from the start.

Yet, all my friends were so overjoyed about our new situation, I felt
that we had made a good change. After all, perhaps we’ll be spared the
war altogether. My parents felt very apprehensive about the political
change - a very radical, revolutionary dislocation of system,
government, language, way of life.

When I confronted them, asking them about the specific fears, my Father
quoted a Jewish saying: 'Never pray for a new king.' "


Eytan Fichman
B.Arch., M.Arch., Ed.M.
42 / 11 Tran Binh Trong,
Hai Phong, Viet Nam

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Dear fellow Czernowitzers, Just to remind you what the above-mentioned
date means for Czernowitzers allover the world. Is there anybody among
our List members (or his/her familymembers) who still needs to be
reminded or needs any explanations? Abraham K.

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