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From: Berti Glaubach <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 22:57:12 +0300
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Or the curious coincidence that Franz Ferdinand and his wife were
assassinated also on June 28 but in the year 1914. Cause or excuse for
WWI? Surely start of decisive changes for many regions around.
I vote for this last date as most important in the life of
Czernowitzers, at least for our parents. To go back to 1848 and
connect to personally, appears more difficult to me.
[Berti Glaubach]

On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:12 AM, HARDY BREIER <> wrote:
> The June 28 1940 was just a station on the way down.
> Significant and dramatic but just a station.
> What really started the change was the 1848 Spring of Nations
> When nations wanted freedom and self rule.
> The Habsburgs being a multi nation empire this meant the end
> of the Empire.
> In 1919 the Habsburg , the German and the Russian Empires became
> republics,
> The Habsburgs also discomposed.
> The one year occupation of N. Bukovina by the Soviets was dramatic
> for
> us but was not a shattering event.
> What happened in Nov 1919 was a much more significant milestone.
> For us 1940 is more dramatic maybe because we witnessed it.
> But just a whistle stop on our way down..
> Hardy
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>> *The start of the end*
>> [Asher Turtel]
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>>> Dear fellow Czernowitzers,
>>> Just to remind you what the above-mentioned date means for Czernowitzers
>>> all
>>> over the world. Is there anybody among our List members (or his/her
>>> family
>>> members) who still needs to be reminded or needs any explanations ?
>>> Abraham K.
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