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Maybe this would help:

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On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 8:33 AM, Bruce Reisch <>

> The following was posted on Facebook by the "Sommerlager Czernowitz" / AS=
> group, which is currently in Czernowitz clearing a section of the Jewish
> cemetery. I thought our group might like to see this post, and reply.
> But other than through Facebook, how can we reply? Does anyone have a
> direct email to reach the group?
> Warmest wishes, Shabbat Shalom,
> Bruce
> *****
> This year the area ASF volunteers worked on was terribly overgrown by
> bushes and trees. When it became more visible, we found out that we
> were cleaning a very special area of the jewish cemetery in Czernivtzi:
> The graves of the period of German-Rumanian occupation 1941 - 1944. Most
> of the stones are simple, some names are selfmade carved. Some even say
> "provisorium". If there are survivors related to these names, I would
> love to know more about the lifes of those here commemorated:
> Berta Aufleger
> Chaskel Aufleger
> Lotti Bein
> Aisig Bogomolni
> Michel Friedl=C3=A4nder
> Anna Sara Geller
> Marie Gingold
> Bronia Gl=C3=A4sel
> Rifka Gottesmann
> Frieda Gr=C3=BCnberg
> Max K=C3=B6nig
> Berta Moldauer
> Mali Reicher
> Jakob Schulem Padia
> Anna Schapira
> Jakob Schifris
> Jtzig Schwarz
> Wolf Sigal
> Sali Staar
> Jakob Schumer
> Anna Tieger
> Mira Varticovschi
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