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Moshe : Day 1, 3 and 4 are arrival and departure day.
 Leaving day 2 for driving to and touring Campulung an Siret .
    What will you do in Campulung and Siret ?

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback back in April. It has helped me plan trip more

Below is our current plan:

Day 1: Landing in Iasi in early afternoon. Sleeping in Iasi. Light touring
for those up to it.

Day 2: Leave Iasi early morning (8AM) and drive to Cimpulung-Moldevenesc
(2.5 hour) then to Siret (1.5 hr) drive. After Siret we will return to Iasi
(2 hr + 45 minute). Sleeping again in Iasi.

Day 3: We have a flight from Iasi to Bucharest. Touring for those up to it.
Option to rest at hotel.

Day 4: We are leaving Bucharest and flying to Tel Aviv.

I know it is quick paced but my group can only go for a very limited time
and this is the option I came up with. We are not going to be able to tour
all of the sites, but at least we will see the ones important to our family.

Please let me know your thoughts.


On Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:32 PM, Moshe Rubin <> wrote:

Hello all,

My family is (group of 10-15 people) planning on traveling to the Bukovina
this coming August (2014) for a 4 day trip.

Day 1: will be landing in Bucharest spending a day there and then flying to

Day 2: Iasi we will drive to Campulung-Moldevenesc (my father's town) and
from there we plan to cross border to Chernivtsi.

Day 3: next day we intend to drive back and forth from Chernivtsi to
Mogilev-Podolsk to visit the grave of my father's grandfather.

Day 4: We cross back into Romania and to visit Siret and then fly on the new
direct flight from Iasi to Tel Aviv.

Should we be nervous to enter Ukrainian territory?

Any and all advice appreciated!

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