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It was not too "Planmaessig" in Czernowitz.....until my mother grabbed hold
of me and pulled me inside I watched Germans frantically getting away, and
shortly thereafter a Russian tank coming around the corner. Cornel

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Apropos shortening the front line - I wonder how many of you recall the
frequent newspapaer headings in 1943 and thud of 1944 - "Rostov planmaessig
geraeumt:", "Dnjepropetrovsk planmaessig geraeumt", . Rostov planmaessig
graeumt", Kharkov planmaaessig geraeumt" etc. etc. etc. How enlightening
these headings were for us in Czernowitz in those last 1.33 years of
Romanian occupation.....,. Yes, we appreciated this excellent Plan!
I suppose those West from us were happy to read on April 1944 - Czernowitz
planmaessig geraeumt...
[Mordecai Lapidot <signed by moderator>]

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> It was in 1943 after the Kursk battle and the front line was moving
> closer.
> The peasants were avoiding the town and the usual street trade was
> down.
> There was nothing to eat.
> We get up in the morning and there is no milk so the usual cocoa is
> out.
> All thats left are onions. We chop onions into little cubes.
> We pour some black market sunflower oil and a lot of salt on it.
> All this is mixed . Delicious !
> Is there some bread left ?
> Bread is rationed and
> we get our daily portion. We
> drink some chickory without sugar.
> We take some sweets
> instead. The
> daily " Zukerke " .
> Keep it in the mouth while drinking.
> We also Aroma
> artificial tea we dont like.
> The Germans have lost the Kursk battle.
> The newspapers
> write that they have shortened the front line, Shorter front line is
> very good for the Jews.
> Hardy

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