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> The Kaiser Franz-Joseph was mentioned every time we celebrated my late
> father's birthday, because both of them were born on the 18th of August.
> An event which is still celebrated yearly nowadays in Bad Ischl. The
> Kaiser was greatly admired by the Jews of the eastern parts of his empire
> because of his comparatively liberal regime. The Jews had him nicknamed
> "Kirah" the Hebrew acronyms for "Keissar yarum hodo" - Exalted Emperor.
> Prayers for his wellbeing "Mi sheberekh" were held in many synagogues on
> Saturdays. He, and his family are a tourist asset for Austria despite a
> small minority there who still criticize him for loosing the empire.
> Yosef Eshet
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>> His wife ,the Empress Elizabeth ("Sissi") was stabbed to death by an
>> Italian
>> anarchist in 1898. His son Rudolph died ??suicide because of a love
>> tangle.....and finally,the Archduke Ferdinand who was killed in Sarajevo
>> together with his wife Sophie was the heir to the throne. Cornel
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>> Hardy and Cornel:
>> So sad. Poor Franz-Josef. What an unfortunate existence for that
>> benevolent ruler so beloved by his people. In that case,, why did his
>> son
>> kill himself and why was Franz Josef's wife slain?
>> Incidentally, was the emperor's appointed heir Ferdinand the same
>> archduke
>> Ferdinand whose assassination -- according to. historians -- triggered
>> World War I ?
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Iris
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