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I can't find anything about who funds Hesed Shoshana. This is all I
found. According to an article written in 2000,

"The very newly opened Hesed Shoshana Welfare Centre is like no other
construction in Chernivtsi. Its striking, arched awning is like a cool
green tunnel that draws you through the menorah-style black iron gates
into a peaceful, welcoming interior. The flagged floor is edged with
smooth, oval stones and potted plants. The ceiling is a series of
wide, low arches that seem to reach down towards you. Stepping inside
from the hot sun, away from the broken roads and crumbling buildings
of Cheliuskinzev Street, I felt immediately as if I had found
somewhere special.

Raissa Soboliva is working at a table in a newly carpeted room and
willingly gives me some of her time. The room is furnished with
comfortable couches, a black television and video system and a framed
Gardens of Jerusalem poster hangs on the wall. ‘We have between ten
and twelve paid workers,’ she explains, ‘but most of the work is done
by volunteers.’ Originally from Byelorus, Raissa emigrated to Israel
three years ago and has been in Chernivtsi for the past two months
supervising the finishing touches and ensuring that the opening of the
centre and the first weeks of operation run smoothly. Previously a
theatre, the Centre was constructed over the past year by local
workers with money and assistance from the Diaspora, including The
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, The American
Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, The Columbus Jewish Federation
and World Jewish Relief, London.

The Centre serves about a thousand Jews in Chernivtsi and the
surrounding region. ‘We offer home help, personal care for the
elderly, food, medicines and medical care, hairdressing, home repairs
and manual labour,’ Raissa continues with obvious pride. ‘And social
contact. Volunteers visit people who are perhaps isolated in
villages.’ There is also a club, set out like a café with plastic
tables and chairs and an upright piano. It is a place for people to
meet, converse over tea or coffee and also to learn about Jewish
history, customs and traditions. ‘We invite Jewish people and writers
to come and speak,’ one of the volunteers explains, an arrangement
that Raissa Soboliva emphasizes. ‘We want people to not only receive
help here but also to feel as if they can contribute. It is two-way

Sorry. Shelley

On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 3:03 AM, Serah Kraft <> wrote:
> A lot of time, funds and attention is spent in Chernivtsy looking
> after the dead members of the Jewish community and preserving and
> discussing the past. But what about people who are still living there
> and need help?
> Yesterday I had a heartbreaking conversation with my cousin who looks
> after my aunt with dementia. He shared that the help they are
> receiving from the Jewish welfare organisation is only a couple of
> hours once a week while my aunt is now reached the point where she
> cannot be left alone.
> My cousin is not well himself suffering from anxiety and depression
> but he has to spend with his 84 yrs old mother (survivor of 1941
> transportation to Siberia born in Hlyboka) most hours of the day, from
> 8.30am till 11.50pm-12am. He also gave me names of other people in a
> similar or even in worth situations, many of whom are local
> Bukoviners.
> According to my cousin, the welfare situation is much better in other
> Jewish communities throughout Ukraine where the disabled members are
> able to get daily help.
> He says that welfare assistance is funded by the Jewish Welfare fund
> -Hesed and blames its representative in Chernivtsy, Mr Fuchs, for the
> unbearable situation the disabled /elderly people in Cz and their
> families are experiencing.
> Can anyone look into this?
> Does anyone has firsthand knowledge of who funds Hesed in Cz; how
> funds are distributed and what's happening there?
> Serah Kraft
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