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Klokutcka is in the North of Cz along the Prut till near the Jewish cemetery
 which is already in Horecea.
  The suburbs were ethnic, Klok. was Ukrainean .
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>I had to look at a map of Czernowitz in order to find Klokutchka.
> Even though I knew the name of this Czernowitz suburb,
> I had never been there and expected it to be near Manasteriska,
> because the "Klokutchka Bach" (Klokutchka brook) is in Manasteriska.
> Actually this suburb is NW of Czernowitz.
> In our modern times the well to do live in the suburbs, not so
> in prewar Czernowitz; the poor lived in the suburbs. but this is
> beginning to change.
> My paternal grandparents lived in Manasteriska, supposedly in a house
> which was partially built by my grandmother.I mean actually built by
> her out of straw,
> twigs and clay. Now there stands in its place a small but decent
> looking villa.
> Mimi

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