[Cz-L] Census of Romania for the Year 1930: Province of Bucovina (Jewish Population)

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(Jewish Population)

Congratulations, Edgar Hauster, for your wonderful job!

Janina Ilie


Dr.Janina Ilie
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On Saturday, July 12, 2014 1:53 PM, Edgar Hauster <bconcept_at_hotmail.com>

Dear friends,

Motivated by Marc Goldberger and Dean Echenberg, I conducted an in-depth
analysis of the "Census of Romania for the Year 1930" focussed on the
"Province of Bucovina", particularly with respect to the Jewish
population. FAQ:

Where lived my (Jewish) ancestors in Bukovina before WW2?
What was their (Jewish) share of the total population in 1930?
How many of them acknowledged Yiddish as their mother tongue and Judaism
as their religion?
Where was their town/village/shtetl located - by departments and
districts - before WW2?
Where is it located today and how do I get there?

You'll find answers on these and more questions, including direct
one-click access to GoogleMaps and GPS coordinates - ! ! ! - at:


or for each of the five departments of the Province of Bucovina at:


A comprehensive listing - sorted in alphabetical order - for all 354 towns
and villages in pre-WW2, including once again direct one-click access to
GoogleMaps and GPS coordinates, is available at:


I have to admit, that this analysis looks at a first glance perhaps too
academic, but by entering deeper into this topic and analysing carefully
the data, you'll rediscover your ancestor's Jewish Shtetls in Bucovina.
For instance, from

A like Adanacata - Hlyboka - 235 Jews (4,3 %) out of a total population of
5,438 in 1930, via
C like Cernauti - Czernowitz - 42,592 Jews (37,9 %) out of a total
population of 112,427 in 1930, down to
Z like Zviniace - Zvenyachyn - 139 Jews (18,5 %) out of a total population
of 753 in 1930

you'll get an idea of the significance of Jewish life in each and any
town/village in Bukovina as an additional contribution to your research
activities and/or travel planning in the particular area.

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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