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The tomb or grave is the is the hole where the dead is put to rest .
 The grave - or tombstone is the stone horizontal or vertical with the
  necessary info for such cases.
    Name , date and some German clever line.:
 "Since yo left us ,life was not the same:"(The money flow stopped)
 I think the double grave scheme is in preparation for the Messia
resurrection day
   - doubling you options .
   Or something else.


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Hardy, folks are dumb where I come from too. What's the difference between
a tomb and a gravestone

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You know Mimi :"Folks are dumb ,where I come from".
   For this I ask questions ,
  OK two stones but how many tombs ?
   Does the new gravestone stand on the right tomb ?
     Who paid for establishing old stone in new location ?
     I think somebody is mistaken ,terribly mistaken....


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