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From: Edgar Hauster <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:34:34 +0200
To: Miriam Taylor <>
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Dear Mimi,

That's fabulous, thank you so much for your willingness to contribute to the translation of this book, which in fact is a gem for all of us. I've marked the three chapters you mentioned in your mail by footnotes

as being "under construction" and hope more of our members will follow your example. I'm pretty sure that JewishGen - and not only - will love to adopt our work, once we have achieved some visible progress.

Warmest wishes!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Subject: Re: [Cz-L] New Opening: Czernowitz Book Corner
> Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 23:35:17 -0400
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> Dear Edgar,
> Thank you very much for bringing to our attention the "JUBILEE EDITION
> I will gladly translate some of the articles from German to English.
> There are quite a number of members of the Czernowitz-List who are
> fluent in both German and English
> and I assume that at least some of them will be willing to do some of
> the translating.
> I order that we do not all translate the same articles, it would be
> sensible
> that as each would-be translator decides which article to translate,
> they would let the rest of us know,
> so we do not duplicate the translation of some articles and omit to
> translate others.
> I will translate the articles: "Erinnerungen an Rabiner Dr. Igel " by
> Dr. Josef Bierer
> and "Der erste Oberrabbiner von Cernauti Dr. Lazar Elias Igel" by
> Salomon Grossberg.
> If time permits, I will also translate "Erinnerungen an das Judische
> Cernauti vor sibzig Jahren by Adolf Schwarz.
> Thanks Edgar si drum bun,
> Mimi
> On Jul 20, 2014, at 5:27 AM, Edgar Hauster wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> Please join me for the new opening of the Czernowitz Book Corner
>> and enjoy the outstanding introductory exhibit "JUBILEE EDITION
>> inchinata jubileului de 60 de ani dela inaugurarea Templului],
>> Chanukah 5698 / November 28, 1937 at:
>> - Have you ever seen "Interior Views of the Temple" before its
>> devastation in 1941?
>> - Do you recognize the members of the "Jewish Community Council in
>> 1877" and/or in 1937?
>> - Do you want to learn more "About the Origins of the Community
>> Temple"?
>> - Do you identify your ancestors among "The Names of the Hundred
>> who Built the House of God"?
>> - Do you know all "The Cantors Since the Foundation of the Temple"?
>> - Do you know all "The Rabbis of the Jewish Community of Czernowitz"?
>> - Are you interested in "The Temple and its Visitors"?
>> - Do you feel the mood and cherish "The Soul of our Temple"?
>> Visit the Czernowitz Book Corner, download the original PDF copy or
>> its Romanian/German transcription of this thoroughly illustrated
>> book and admire its uniqueness! This book appears both on the
>> "Tentative List of Jewish Cultural Treasures in Axis-Occupied
>> Countries, 1946" by the Commission on European Jewish Cultural
>> Reconstruction, and on our "EHPES Czernowitz / Bukovina Reading
>> List" as well, but there is only one evidenced copy which survived,
>> brought to all of you by courtesy of the National Library of Israel.
>> I strongly believe this book is not less significant for the Jews
>> from Bukovina than Hugo Gold's "History of the Jews in Bukovina"
>> and - somehow, sometime - we do have to find an opportunity to get
>> it translated into English. However, in a first step, we
>> transcribed it in order to make it processable by GoogleTranslate,
>> but this isn't much more than a temporary compromise. Therefore,
>> - for all those, who read Romanian/German: Read, read, read!
>> - for all those, who don't read Romanian/German: Download the
>> transcription and use GoogleTranslate!
>> - for all those, who read Romanian/German/English: Please donate
>> your translation to all of us!
>> I'm checking out now for departure - as always by motorcycle - to
>> Poland, Ukraine and Romania, but I'm encouraging you to bookmark
>> the website for the Czernowitz Book Corner, since more Czernowitz /
>> Bukovina related books will follow soon!
>> Edgar Hauster
>> Lent - The Netherlands
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