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The Temple was NOT only for the very rich. It may have been built
with money donated by the very rich, but the services were attended
by many of the middle and lower class who preferred a more modern
My mother was born and lived till 1924 on Karolinengasse #4,
right next to the Temple. She sang in the quire of the Temple
and her family attended the Temple services on all Jewish holidays.
The fact that she lived in a tenement building but in the center of
is evidence enough that her family was not very rich, but also not
very poor.

On Jul 22, 2014, at 4:44 AM, HARDY BREIER wrote:

> What do I remember of the Temple ?
> I can fake scenarios quite spectacular - you know I can.
> I wont .
> We were not religious and the little davenen we overheard Papa
> were mumbo jumbo to my ears.
> The Temple was for the very rich - not for us.
> I was 8 or 9 and did not know of Moors or Alhambra.
> But when I passed the Temple I knew only this :
> I was much more beautiful than the house I lived in.
> It was Jewish - just like me .
> It had a cupola and may be 8 turrets.
> I liked it .
> Hardy
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>> The last time we saw the Temple.
>> Even burnt out it shows its moorish grace .
>> But this had to be wiped out.
>> So today we have this shapeless collossus of dubious color.
>> Used for cinema , ice cream and seasonal sales at bottom prices.
>> Here affluent Jews used to meet on High holidays to listen to
>> Schmidt
>> singing Kol Nidre.
>> (Couldnt find Kol Nidre)
>> Hardy
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