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I said that these trades did not necessitate German language mastery.
  Anybody could learn German if he found it worthwhile.
  My assertions are not scientifically based, they are my personal
    Nothing more ,


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Hardy's assertion I like best, is that both being a Tzadik or a Hassid
were professions. If you consider the wonder rabbi of Sadagora,
it was also a very well paid profession.
Simpler or more honest folks, if they did not wish to be cobblers
or tailors, or had no taste for being a "Shoichet" or a "mohel",
studied German.
My maternal grandfather, despite the "Yichus" of his family,
did not want to be a "Rebbe" or a shoichet and therefore wanted
to study German. His ultra orthodox mother tore his German
grammar book to pieces. So he invented excuses to leave home
and learned German despite his mother.
This was around 1892 - 93.


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