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Dear Edgar,
thank you so much for your photos. Especially for these ones.
Selma Merbaum stayed at Cariera de Piatra for not quite three months. The romantic photo you took of the river Bug corresponds so well to Selma's arrival at the stone quarry - which was not yet the forced labour camp. That awaited them on the other side of the Bug. In cariera de la piatra deportees were gathered before being selected for forced labour camps of the Germans. Heat, illnesses, hunger and thurst and the monotony  killed many of them. The author Alfred Kittner was with her and Immanuel Weißglas and his family.
Selma wrote a letter to her girlfriend Renée in which she described the scenery.
Just some lines from my biography on Selma Merbaum:

»Der ferne Fluß schimmert von Licht; die Blätter glitzern; das Morgenlicht gießt sich wie die Liebe des blauen Himmels über die Erde aus, […]«
Selma hatte trotz des Elends Augen für die Schönheit des weiten Tals und das Schimmern des Flusses unterhalb der Granitfelsen.
Doch die Anmut der Natur verfing sich nicht als Trost in ihrem Herzen. ...
Vor ihr lag ein kahles Felsplateau, zu dem sich ein Weg hinaufschlängelte und wo sich aus der Ferne vereinzelte Gebäude erahnen ließen. …
Als sich die Neuankömmlinge dem Berg näherten, schwankten und krochen ihnen die Czernowitzer Irren entgegen. Seit der ersten Deportation vom 7. Juni 1942 vegetierten sie am Fuße des Steinbruchs vor sich hin – verlaust, verdorrt, ausgezehrt. Entmenschlicht durch Not und Dreck, Hitze und Kälte, Hunger und Durst. …“
Thank you very much, Edgar,
Kind regards

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"Eight miles from N 48� 40' E 29� 15', Tul'chin Dist.; Stone quarry on Southern Bug R.", is that really the only available location for the forced labor camp Cariera de Piatr&#259; (Stone Quarry) the horror scene, which became fateful for so many Bukovinian Jews, such as the parents of Paul Celan, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, Arnold Daghani, to name but a few? Supported by a biker from Ladyzhyn and riding off road, I'm as good as certain, that I finally succeeded to locate the former camp at N 48.61757 E 29.30689 very close to Hubnyk; a working stone quarry is still there. Here are now the first pictures from that area

but don't let the romantic and most picturesque Southern Bug mislead you. For Jews it was in 1941 the demarcation line between perishing by dying of starvation caused by the Romanians or being executed by the German SS.

Edgar Hauster <iPad>
Lent - The Netherlands

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