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Why do Czernowitzer crave for fame ?
  Why do they look for a Czernowitz connection of any celebrity ?
  If not Czernowitz than at least some Bukovina heritage !
    Rumania ? Galizia ? OK but before we settle for this - be sure .
 Are all people behaving like this ?
   Are we a chosen race ?
    Or Supermen by nature ?


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> Hardy -
> I have always thought that the smartest people are the ones who know what
> they do not know.
> So learning you keep an "archive of things I will never know" has greatly
> impressed me.
> Similarly, my dear and very smart uncle Lucky (Lucien) used to warn me
> that
> I still had to learn what he had already forgotten.
> Having reached the age where there is much I too have started to forget,
> I continue to learn much from your persistent contributionsto this list.
> But please, don't give up so easily on this subject.
> The exact origins of Lauren Bacall's Romanian mother may still come to
> light.
> It can be learned, for her mother's birth certificate must be somewhere to
> be found.
> For now, keep this in your archive of things you MAY never know.
> In the meantime, we can remember a woman full-of-life, who was far more
> than a pretty face.
> Read here how this daughter of a Romanian Jewess learned to deal
> with ant-semitism and other forms of intolerance:
> ?
> and some of the things she said we could all learn from:
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