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Mimi. A few questions :
 1. Who runs the place ?
 2. Is it doing well ?
 3. Is antisemitism punishable in Lviv ?
 4. If this sales gimmick a good idea ?
  5. Where do they take the matze from ?
  6. Is there Polish government in Lviv ?


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Dear Christian, Dear Stephen, and dear Czernowitzers,

Two years ago I went with Christian and some friends to the "Golden Rose"
I was so shocked by the experience that I was speechless.
The menu we were given on entering, contained no prices. Now I do not
remember clearly,
Whether I noticed this immediately or not. I certainly noticed, that when we
the waitress how much we had to pay, she said that we should bargain over
the price.
So what is one to conclude? Jews are dishonest, try to take financial
advantage of others.
And what am I to conclude?

Attaching a cafe to the only remaining wall of an old synagogue which was
Precisely because it was Jewish, is, to say the least, an act of Barbarity.
Would the Polish government have allowed the remains of a church to be
desecrated in a similar manner?

What a great business Ploy! A cafe in the ruins of a synagogue! Attractive
for different reasons
to both Jews and Anti Semites!

Oh! I almost forgot; every guest to the cafe is given a piece of Matzah (the
mysterious Jewish bread which contains the blood of Christian children)

On the other hand; Is it possible that the ground on which the synagogue
once stood,
Was returned to its rightful owners, the Jewish community of Lvov, who sold
with the remaining wall to a cafe owner? Not impossible.


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