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Christian, do Jews appear in Ukrainean History books ?
Does Bogdan Hmelnitzky appear ?
The 17 century Hetman who massacred some 100,000 Jews.
100,000 ,
 Wow !
 If this is taught it should inspire some curiosity.


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Dear Hardy, dear Mimi, dear all,

Hardy perfectly hit the point. Many people in Ukraine grow up in a space
without history. The holocaust did not exist in Soviet school books.
Remember the mass grave next to river Prut in Czernowitz. There are two
monuments. One from the Soviet periode - saying that Soviet citizens were
murdered there - the second errected after the independence of Ukraine -
saying that Jews were murdered there. When I ask the Ukrainian volunteers
what they learned in school about the Holocaust, the answer is always the
same, barely nothing. Ukraine still struggels with the Soviet past and not
every change is welcomed by nationalists. Therefore initiatives like the one
of the Jewish museum in Czernowitz are extremely important. The museum
offers education for teachers and educational materials for school lessons.
A similar project is run by the Institute of Urban Studies in Lviv. In this
projects in particular local events are teached and not events that took
place somewhere on the moon.

In a space without history a "theme restaurant" like the one next to the
Golden Rose looks exotic to most of the visitors but would not be identified
as anti-Semitic. And Hardy is right, those who know, eat eslwhere. Anyway
the place is far to expensive for most of the locals.

Nevertheless there are signs of hope. A few days ago the cabinet of
ministers in Kyiv decided to have a commemoration site on the ground of the
Golden Rose - ending a long struggle in the city administration and
following the wishes of the local Jewish community.

Best wishes,

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