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German garage man fouled up ? big disappointment !
Fixed it in Czernowitz ? Even bigger surprise !
  You were risking the bike to catch fire !

Ticket ! policemen avarice ? you would get a ticket anywhere for missig
insurance. !
  but negotiating the fine - only in Czernowitz.
   Do you know what the salary of a traffic cop in Cz, would be ?


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PUNCTURE IN FUEL TANK as a result of a combination of

1. bad job of the German garage: they snapped off the ventilation tube for
the fuel tank,
2. own ignorance: I noticed the problem, but didn't realize the potential of
a vacuum caused by missing ventilation,
3. extremely high temperatures, around 38C = 100F, which started as early
as Lemberg,
4. unsuccessful attempt to fix the puncture in Ternopil by a liquid metal
patch, BUT finally

fixed in Czernowitz - where else? - in a backyard garage - where else? - one
out of about 50 - 70 similar backyard garages, operating next-door to one
another, by cold joint + copper patch

amounting to 20.00 = US$ 27.00 for 2 repairmen for 5 hours, compared to a
damage of 1,000.00 = US$ 1,336.00 caused by my - former! - German garage?!

TRAFFIC TICKET, got between Czernowitz and Stara Zhadova, as a combination

1. Ukrainian policemen avarice: about 8 (!) policemen at one single control
2. own ignorance: I left the motorcycle ID behind in my Czernowitz hotel,
3. not accepting one policeman as negociating partner, asking for his
4. getting another one, more flexible policeman, negociating with him alone
in the patrol car,
5. phoning and presenting Mykola Kushnir, the Director of the Czernowitz
Jewish Museum, as my local lawyer,


Yet two more Czernowitz success stories!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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