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>From what I encountered in the past first the German: Flinker, (Jakob),
Medicus Doktor, Keiserlicher Ritter, Stadtphysikus (nobility insignia)
 Now the translation: Flinker, (Jakob), Medical Doctor, Knight of the
Emperor, City Physician, (Medal of Knighthood), Czernowitz.
 Yosef Eshet

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Can my great grandfather’s profession in Cz be clarified for me but more
importantly what does the insignia mean?

I am copying this from a book/publication/page titled at the top of the
page: 'Herzogtum Bukowina' and this says under his listing:

"Flinker, (Jakob), MDr., Kais. R., Stadtphysikus, (then an insignia/iron
cross with crown on the top) = Czernowitz”

Thanks for shedding any light on this. This publication is clearly a mine of
info for Cz researchers, found on but must be elsewhere or even
on our own Cz site? Is this a business directory? He died in 1914.

All the best from Downunder,

Jill Bieder/Rothwell
New Zealand
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