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We've had few details of Jakob FLINKER who delivered his grandson (my father) in Cz in 1910 and taken to Vienna at 10 days of age never to return. His daughter and my grandmother (Bertha FLINKER) who lived in Cz until her marriage and at an advanced age made her way, six weeks by boat, to New Zealand in 1946 but talked very little about the Cz family where she lost her three siblings in WW2. I don't know what became of great aunts Rebecca, Sylvie and uncle Leo. I've also known little about Jakob apart from a couple of photos, and thanks to Mimi have a precious image of his grave in the Cz cemetery. This group is a gift for me filling very many gaps about life in Cz.

Thank you so very much for the help in unravelling the puzzle of my Cz family.

Best wishes,

Jill Bieder/Rothwell
New Zealand

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> On 29/08/2014, at 6:40 pm, "HARDY BREIER" <HARDY3_at_BEZEQINT.NET> wrote:
> Marion.
> You may be proud.
> Not many Jews got so high up anywhere .
> Only in the Habsburg Empire was this conceivable !
> Hardy
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> Dear Hardy, Marion & Jill,
> it´s not that easy...
> MDr. is Doctor of medicine
> Kais. R. is the abbreviation for "Kaiserlicher Rat", what means "imperial councelor" - a official title you get after 15 years working as civil servant in higher position.
> Stadtphysicus was declared by Marion, but within a state capital it had to be more refined - so you need to go in detail. Probably it´s a speaking emblem: The iron cross is just used in military use, the crown would mean, that he treated only senior officers or worked at the department of strategy, reliable for medical planing.
> To summ up, I would guess, that he was either head of the military hospital, or member of the department of strategy.
> If you name the full citation of the book (I´m not member of ancestry), I can probably tell you more.
> Best,
> Benjamin

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