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How heartily we sung this hymn when we were youngsters and participated in the parades and demonstrations in 1944/5 in liberated Czernovitchi (as they called it at the time)

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The Soviets brought this film to Czernowitz - I recall seeing it (the Circus) at the cinema in the Rathausgasse in 1944 - the propaganda purpose of it was to demonstrate that Negroes (the Hero in the Circus) have equal rights in the SSSR, and that there is no discrimination against minorities, contrary to the USA.
Only problem - there were no Negroes in the SSSR (as we therefore, and for many other reasons, rightly called it in Yiddish:
Siz nisht gewein, Siz nishtoo, S'vet nisht sein, un Red dir nisht ein
in plain English - It wasn' so, It isn't so, It will not be so, and don't Let yourself believe it)

Yet, luckily for us few survivors of the Raomnian and German rule - It was, and from Stalingrad on it they saved us


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