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This seems to have preceded the musical use. It's the first recorded
use of the term, at least according to the internet.

"Rudolph Dirks' The Katzenjammer Kids debuted in 1897 in William
Randolph Hearst's Sunday edition of the New York Journal. At 113 years
and counting, the strip is the longest-running newspaper comic in
history. Kids revolves around two boys, Hans and Fritz, who get into
trouble and fight with their parents and school officials. Dirks was
the first cartoonist to use speech balloons to indicate dialogue."


On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Gary Rogovin <> wrote:
> 9-12-14
> Shelley,
> Hardy is correct, based on the German word used for emotional stress, It is
> synonymous with the word "wail", as in a cat's wail. In American Jazz music,
> especially in the 1940's-1950's, musician's used the word "wail" to mean
> "Jam" or "let loose", as in a instrumental solo or in a group context, for
> example "big band" musical arrangements. Gene Krupa, the famous drummer and
> big band leader who was a featured soloist with the Benny Goodman Orchestra
> on Sing, Sing, Sing", a song written by Louis Prima, used the word "wail"
> during rehearsals for the filming of the 1959 movie, The Gene Krupa Story",
> to actor Sal Mineo, who portrayed him. In that rehearsal context, Gene was
> drum soloing along with Sal's drum soloing to show the latter how best to
> imitate Gene's style of playing for the movie.
> Gary
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>> Interesting analysis. I think that it's musical origins are more
>> from cabaret music.
>> Shelley
>> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 11:54 PM, HARDY BREIER <>
>> wrote:
>>> Comes from real life:
>>> Jammer means wail,
>>> During the mating season the Tomcat issues these wails
>>> to give his position to the females but also to express
>>> his desire in decibels,
>>> Musical adaptation followed from here.
>>> ( This is my personal interpretation)
>>> Hardy

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