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Whether we like it or not - this custom of large scale investors going for advice to today's "Zadikim" both in Israel and abroad, as well as the resulting enrichment of the Zadikim" by large scale endowments from these investors, is still common today. Incidentally, I do not recall that the Czernowitzer Zadikim were as rich as today's Zadikim here and in the US. Apparently the business opportunities were not so flourishing at that time in Czernowitz as they are nowadays in Israel and in New York , for instance

I only wonder whether the advice is given by the "Zadikim" on basis of some clever insight into the mind (or body language) of their Khasidim, and just approving what they "broadcast" that they already intend to do or to not do.


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> The Baal Shem Tov was from a humble poor family,
> His motives were sincere, The Jews needed a miracle maker.
> But many followers were not so .
> Some very rich came to the Zadik for advice
> about investments
> in the stock exchange.
> If successful the Zadik would be accordingly compensated.
> They built palaces and large Hasidim quarters.
> They could afford it.
> Even today if a Hasid must undergo
> surgery his Rabi must approve.
> Hardy
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