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From: Benjamin Grilj <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 09:12:12 +0200
To: Hardy Breier <>
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Dear Hardy,

I dont where from it is, but I dont know if its Romanian:

Most of the Romanian medals -I know- have a mural crown and not such a pronounced.
Normally they have banner (nihil sine deo) underneath and not a band.
The Romanian eagle is comparable to the german: massive and not very detailed. The one on the medal reminds me on the tirolean, or some regional german...
The Romanian eagle has an emblem on his chest, but not another eagle with coat of arms

If you have a look at the backside, I would say its german, because the only blue flower in heraldic use I know is the bluebottle. And this is one of the signs of the liberal (pro-democratic) Germans before WW I - the guy is wearing an Iron Cross around his neck - which is also a sign for german -prussian- forces, because most of the other armies use(d) pin ons.
But the individualization is a refutation against this claim...

Could it possibly be Transylvanian? The eagle would look that way... And it would also explain different heraldic traditions

Best, Benjamin

Am 07.10.2014 um 16:45 schrieb Hardy Breier <>:

> The only answer I got is King Ferdinand of Rumania the second
> Hohenzollern king, nephew of childless Carol the first.
> Hardy
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> [] Jerome Schatten
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> : [Cz-L] Medallion
> Czernowitzers....
> Jean Weightman sends along two photos of an interesting
> medallion/pendant -- maybe you can help her identify this nattily
> attired military fellow mit dem Eisernes Kreuz? Or any other information
> about this item? What country lays claim to such a scary looking bird?
> What's under that photo? So many questions - so little time...
> See it all on our tastefully appointed Blog along with Jean's narrative:
> Best,
> jerome
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