: [Cz-L] The Yiddish Appeal

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Dear Lyuba and Charles ,who are you ?
 Are you list members ?
   Remind us please, surnames ?
  And Asher your mothers nephew, by what name does he go?
  Just remind me as my memory is slipping
  Best regards,
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: K Charles Real Estate [mailto:charles_at_kcharlesrealestate.com.au]
: Saturday, October 11, 2014 1:11 PM
: Fred Weisinger
: Hardy Breier; Czernowitz Genealogy and History
: Re: [Cz-L] The Yiddish Appeal

Hi it has been a long time since we wrote to the group but I must share my
excitement with you .
I have my cousin arriving in Melbourne on Wednesday , we have never met in
person Asher is my mothers nephew. My Uncle was left behind in Russia at the
end of the war serving in the army . I met him for the fist time in 1975
when he migrated to Israel , my mothers Russian family are now all in
Now to Yiddish , my maternal grand father was an actor, singer and writer ,
it seems that I have inherited some of these characteristics from him, as I
also sing write and dance ,
With the world in total mis harmony , for the first time we have special
police patrolling the streets in Melbourne ,and the city is in high alert .
Cornell you will appreciate that this situation is very new to the average
Australian as they are very lay back thinking . Australians think that we
are far removed from the World of politics.We have our armed forces already
in the Middle East and are waiting every day for news of their safety .
We pray with the rest of the World that the conflict in the Middle East will
come to an end quickly and our boys will come home safely.
Best regards Ljuba and Charles.

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