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Sorry to curb a bit your enthusiasm. Not just Jews - only "My Jews" (he allowed the exile to Auschwitz of all Jews in the Greek areas that were annexed to Bulgaria by Nazi Germany - Macedonia, Thracia, including all Thessaloniki jews), and even this only after a considerable last minute lobbying effort, by Bulgarian prominent clerical and political figures, who fought to convince him to take this stand. Actually the trains to take the Jews of Bulgaria were already waiting in the stations, and were sent back in that very night they were supposed to collect the Jews already waiting in places of concentration. See the relevant item 5.2 in the Wikipedia:
and also the lengthy article by Rossen Vasilev in
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_train, and, if you can obtain it - please read the highly interesting but also controversial book by Michael Bar-Zohar Beyond Hitler’s grasp: the heroic rescue of Bulgaria’s Jews. Holbrook, Mass.: Adams Media, 1998. ISBN 1-58062-060-4. Review.
Those of you who read Hebrew - get it in the original version.

Moadim L'Simha


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> Not "possibly"...the King of Bulgaria flatly refused the
> Germans!! Cornel
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