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Seminars for sharpening their spirit for culture politics and politics
of current Czernowitzer burger is very laudable but no concern
of ours.
  Why should this interest us more than a convention on a new Urdu
convention on Confuzius.
Our concern and interest is the old Jewish Czernowitz.

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While we were discussing about ethnicity and conversion from and/or to
Judaism, young people - non-Jews and Jews - in Czernowitz, Bukovina and
Ukraine are experiencing completely other problems, keeping in mind the
fragile political situation in their country. Sharpening their spirit for
culture, politics and civil society is an objective for many organizations,
such as f. i. the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with IKGS,
Munich and the Goethe Institute in Ukraine. Under the project leadership of
Dr. Markus Winkler they are organizing an interdisciplinary workshop project
under the headline

Space and Memory: Culture, Politics and Civil Society in Bukovina

at the Czernowitz University during the period of time October 13 - 28,
2014. Read more (in German language) on this event and/or follow the blog
and the photo documentation at:

Home Page:
Photo Documentation:

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands
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