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On behalf of Orit Helbetz from Israel I'm forwarding her call for information with respect to Elia Schechter from Czernowitz. In case you could contribute with any hints, please contact Orit directly!

Dear Sir ,
1. We hereby advise that the Administrator General of Israel is charged by law with the administration of any abandoned property in Israel, that is, property whose owner (or legal heir/s) is unknown or cannot be located. In addition, the Administrator General is charged with undertaking investigations so as to ascertain the whereabouts of those with rights in such property.
2. In this capacity and according to an Administration Order issued by the District Court in Haifa, the Administrator General is managing money in the name of Elia Schechter .
3. According to section 15 of the Administrator General Law 1978 money administered for 15 years or more by the Administrator General, whose owner or those with rights therein,  are unknown or cannot be located will, subject to certain conditions including a thorough investigation by the Administrator General , be transferred to the State of Israel.
4. The office of Fahn Kanne has been authorized by the Administrator General of Israel to investigate the whereabouts of those with rights in such property on his behalf.
5.  Do you know how we can find information on Elia Schechter: his mothers name Blima or Bluma Rabinivici, she came to Israel , the name of his father: Max Schechter Morisovitch. Elia was alive in the year 1967 and lived in Czernowitz in Hriebka Street 18-2.
6. We hope the names are spelled correct because we do not have in the file the Romanian names.
Thank you for your help.
You can see our web site:
In any event I would appreciate if you would please acknowledge receipt of this email.
I appreciate your cooperation and hope to be in touch,

Orit Helbetz
CPA (Isr.), MBA
Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.
T: +972-3-7111690
F: +972-3-7111691
E: orit.helbetz_at_il.gt.com

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands
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