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Andy....the past history of Chernivtsi is now being taught in the
schools...including the Jewish contribution. There is a Jewish school that
accepts non-Jewish kids and there is a lot of competition to get
in...because it is regarded as a very good school. The locals are coming to
the Jewish Museum. There is now a statue of Kaiser Franz Joseph in what was
the Ferdinandplatz,and when the kids learn about him the Jews are part of
it. There are now 2 functioning synagogues. The picture is not
brilliant...but it is not hopeless!!!.... Cornel

I don't know about conversions to Judaism in contemporary Chernivtsi (is it
with the "i" or "y"? I can't keep track) It would be very interesting to
interview some of these converts to get an understanding of what their
motivation was.

When Jews converted to Christianity or even Islam in predominantly Christian
or Muslim countries it was to save their lives or to improve them, not for
religious reasons. But when anyone NOT under the Islamic yoke today
converts to Islam, then I know we have a mental case.

As for your wish, Hardy, to get some recognition of our existence in Cz a
generation or two or three ago - that's an unrealistic dream. These are
people that maybe were born in our former homes. To them it is their home.
Under Communism nobody owned homes or anything. They have their lives to
live in today's world and care no more about the past than a New Yorker
might care about the fact that Manhattan was bought from the Indians for
$24 and that the Indians got cheated.

Andy Halmay

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