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I was born June 1933, had a melamed with a taitel in a Jewish house, we spo=
ke Yidish, German, Russian and goish. Any time I left home was with someone=
 never alone. The only time alone was when I was with my "schlitale" across=
 the street.I remember the Temple, Horetsawald. At the age of 8 deported t=
o Transnistria. At the time I knew the meanning of beeing taken away from =
my surounding (Czernowitz). When we came back for another one year and tha=
n left for Romania. =0AThe city of Czernowitz was allways in my mind and so=
ul. I allways felt , all my life, as an uprooted person until this day. Thi=
s is why I am so eager to know things about Cz. The only person left from m=
y family or friends is my ount Fanny Cooper. .............................a=
nd YOU.=0ADow Friedman

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