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Dear Channa,
some time ago I contacted a schoolmate, who was a Russian language teacher in one of the schools in Czernowitz. She is of Russian ethnicity.
She lost her job because of the language politics in the Ukraine, where Russian was/is not considered an important language, so most of the children are choosing English or German. Now she holds classes of world literature, a job which might have been created for her personally ...

She told me that nowadays (way before the current crisis) Jews are considered friends and Russians are considered enemies. That was her impression.
I'm sure, that there are lots of antisemites, as it always have been, but the official politics towards Jews seems to have changed, improved compared to sowiet times. Antisemitism is now more a private thing and in some political parties, but doesn't have the extend and the power like in the Sowiet Union.


> Anna Kofner <> schrieb am 2:44 Mittwoch, 22.Oktober 2014:
> > Dear Cornel
> The situation is not improving, it's only adjusting with the times. Jewish
> people you met and talked are not different from the one I met in the Baltic
> republics while visiting with a group of Jewish educators from US.
> Elderly and fragile, who missed the boat and live on a meager pension and
> depend on the subsidy from Khesed, who's children left for Israel and other
> countries, people in mixed marriages, who can not leave because of their
> families, people, who for generations lived as non-Jews and suddenly being a Jew
> became a benefit and lets not forget the ones who still cling to the "Pot
> of Meat" -Sir Habasar in Hebrew. Now all of them together are about 1500
> people. As for the Jewish school, wouldn't any town anywhere like to have a
> great school supported with outside money? So it's a jewish school. For now
> As for Holidays in Chabbad? food and entertainment. Free. For now.
> In the past I enjoyed many of your posts. Even ate your favorite food in Vienna.
> But don't full yourself. The antisemites are well and living in Ukraine.
> Last time I looked Czernowitz was also in Ukraine.
> Nobody you met would tell you the truth. You were an outsider. They have to live
> there. We were taught that the listening devices are everywhere and you do not
> trust anybody. It's not worth to loose your life or freedom.
> Sorry to disillusion you.
> I know you have a big heart and you wish to believe in the changes and so would
> I, however ............
> Best to you too
> Channa
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>> Anna, at no point did I say that there was no anti-Semitism in Soviet
> times.
>> I know what went on then and I have no disagreement with you on that.
>> But,what I am saying that currently the situation is improving...and that
> is
>> from long conversations with Jews living there now. Best, Cornel.
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