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Yes and in 1922 in Germany, Jews lived well and were not persecuted.
We are not discussing whether attitudes can change in any given country,
But what these attitudes are now in Chernivtsi,
compared to what they were 25 years ago.


On Oct 23, 2014, at 12:41 AM, Hardy Breier wrote:

> Walther Rathenau was elected in 1922 as Foreign Minister of Germany.
> He was Jewish.
> Hardy
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> I completely agree with Cornel's description of what the situation
> concerning Anti-Semitism currently is in Chernivtsi.
> In my efforts to maintain and restore the Jewish cemetery,
> I have had much help and assistance from local,
> non-Jewish residents of the city.
> None of these people asked for, or expected anything in return.
> And to go from the anecdotal to irrefutable facts:
> Chernivtsi has a population of about 200 000
> Of these 1500, or less than 1% are Jewish.
> Two of the members of the city council are Jewish.
> These two members constitute more than 4%
> of the total number of city councilors,
> If follows by rational deduction, that non Jewish residents
> of the city, voted for Jews to be on the city council.
> Mimi
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