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Beautifully put Hardy. From your mouth to G-d's ears.=0A=
Skyped last Friday with a friend in Czernowitz. During the conversation I a=
sked her about Hessed's services. according to her a lot depends on the vol=
unteers=2C mostly elderly. In the past=2C Hebrew classes were offered for f=
ree. as of last year you had to pay to attend them.=0A=
As for now they are cancelled. So for now the future in your poem is supper=
 optimistic. =0A=
The offices are located in an beautiful pre-war apartment on Ivana Franko s=
treet (I don't know the German name of the street) that is desperately in n=
eed of repair. I friend of mine in Israel is in charge of Jewish programmin=
g and activities in Ukraine. I will contact her and see if I can get some=
PS. USA is not really a choice=2C because they can not prove that they had =
a grandmother who was an American=0A=
I did meet a lot of Ukrainians and Moldovans in Italy=0A=
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> Subject: [Cz-L] The Future of Czernowitz Jews=2C=0A=
> Date: Thu=2C 23 Oct 2014 15:20:58 -0700=0A=
> =0A=
> The Future of Czernowitz Jews=2C=0A=
> This is the optimistic version.=0A=
> =0A=
> As time goes by the Jews get older.=0A=
> They go on pension and get 30 $ monthly. =0A=
> Their children study Medicine and Literature.=0A=
> After they graduate and are lucky to be employed =0A=
> they get 200-300 $ monthly.=0A=
> But they have a choice=2C Israel =2C USA or Greenland.=0A=
> Send money home - for some time.=0A=
> Hessed Shoshana expands and creates a colony.=0A=
> In the new South district.=0A=
> The Hessed Shoshana Village.=0A=
> They have bowling and Bingo.=0A=
> And a Shil and a little cemetery.=0A=
> Paradise. =0A=
> All the elderly move there.=0A=
> As today=2C there are Jews who live incognito.=0A=
> The old cemetery is still cleaned by volunteers.=0A=
> The Ehpes opens a branch in Czernowitz=2C=0A=
> The Czernowitz airport is back to business=2C=0A=
> =0A=
> This is the optimistic version =0A=
> =0A=
> Hardy=0A=
> =0A=
> =0A=
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