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You remembered enough to write all the details of what happened. That is very goo. The situation is not as bad as it appears to you. Minimal cognitive impairment is common past 70. However there is a lot of debate about the prognostic value. Many people do not experience a progression, some have some progression and unfortunately in some, more so. Importantly the tempo and quality of life ought to be nourished as much as one can.

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> Subject: [Cz-L] Dementia or what?
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> To Czernowitzers in their 80s! Do you have problems similar to mine or am
> I starting to get dementia? I bought a pumpkin yesterday and cut it up to
> make some soup and freeze the rest. This morning I wanted to check online
> for the proper way to make pumpkin seeds like we used to be able to buy on
> the streets of Cz. And then it happened! I couldn=E2=80=99t think of the =
> name
> =E2=80=9Cpumpkin=E2=80=9D to type into Google. I racked my brain but no na=
> me would come
> up. "Kurbis" came to me but not pumpkin. Like most of you, the first
> language I learned was German. In school I added Romanian and French. From
> my dad I picked up a bit of Hungarian. He kept it as his private language
> to use with his Hungarian friends but I listened in and picked some up
> anyway. So, technically, English is my 4th language. But my English took
> over 74 years ago. I can no longer converse in my first three languages.
> I have been *thinking* in English for over 70 years, but lately I find
> myself groping for certain simple words and then the German version of it
> will pop up in mein Kopf. So I went to an online translation service,
> typed in Kurbis and got pumpkin. Problem solved - but only possible while
> at my PC. Is this normal in our 80s?
> Andy Halmay
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