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This was forwarded to me by my relative from Prague.

It was written by a Russian writer. Funny,, I never saw it this way. It does provides some insights of the current situation in Russia. I don't believe Ukraine is different from Russia.

I will try to translate it to the best of my abilities. Wish me luck.

Am using plain text, hope it will work.


In Russia it is fashionable to be a "Jew"

A pretty unreasonable social trend evolved in Russia.
It became fashionable to be a"Jew". You register like for a Yoga class. Why is it?
Once I noticed, on one of the major TV channels, a kosak choir performing a song about a "Rabbi selling bullets" to an uneasy reaction of the audience. The TV Leadership, usually sensitive to incitement, did not even blink. This is permissible. If Jewish chorus would sing something like this about a Russian priest the story would be different.

It is all because there are practically no Jews left. According to the official data there are less than 200 000 (Jews in Russia).
There are more "Jokes" than the population. Looks like there is nobody to ask the notorious question, that troubled the Russian Intellectuals for so many years. The skinheads are now hunting the Tajiks the Armenians are taking over comedy on TV. The Jew. under who's "oppression" Russia existed, in reality ceased to contribute to the cultural, scientific and social life (development) of the country. Now, it looks like they will stop contributing to the business activity.
The Jews are gone. What a shame.  It was fun to have then around. They also brought (substance?) meaning  to our life.

There is less fundamental knowledge and innovative ideas.
This ancient tribe has been always sensitive to new (ideas). Nuclear synthesis, cinematography - everywhere where new ideas and non-standard decision are required, they stick their nose. And, as usual, rightfully so. Jews, like non others, always and every where supported modernizing, rebirth, progress. Maybe, exactly the lack of real progress, quality leap that our society needs needs to make in order to realistically respond to the demands of this century, somehow is connected with the disappearance of this active, capable minority,
The Jews left (abandoned?) Russia. Will some body tell me to whom did they leave Russia? 

Once upon a time there was a people. Physicians, violin players, jokers. Heads of stores and  labs, dentists and microbiologists. People like people, though they were the chosen people. But in those times life was hard and powers in charge needed an image. An image of an enemy. Lets say , not just doctors, but Killer-Doctors. Somebody has to take the blame for everything.  In short, a collective Karrabas-Barrabas     - in stripes, hairy and with a long nose. Later the Jews begin leave and Karrabas-Barrabas turned from being a Killer Doctor into a good, contemporary Dr. Doolittle. The image has changed into a legend. The legend of the enemy people has transformed into the legend of a smart people. Portraits of Einstein appeared on office walls. That how the "Jews" became a brand. Some kind of a paradoxical symbol and an indicator of quality.

The woman who does my wife's nails, a beautiful kazatchksa with black brows, is wearing a Magen David from Tiffany. They proudly take their Jewish husbands last names. People with white russian last names discover some fairy tale grandmothers from Odessa. This brutal, Spielberg and Stallone both have grandmothers from Odessa. 
So there are not enough Jews. But some are trying to upgrade the quality of their grey sells by association with a fairy tale relations
Funny? Sad?

[Anna Kofner]

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