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Hello Edgar &Caribbean Co.,

I am glad that you had such an enjoyable evening at the Amsterdam premiere.

I hope that the film will be invited to the prestigious Haifa International
Film Festival .

The location of the screening which I would prefer : The Tikotin Museum of
Japanese Art ( it has a Netherland connection ).


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... across Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, USA and Curacao is now on the way to
your heart and to your cinema!

Czernowitzers, dear Mark...

Upon your invitation, I had the privilege to attend - among about 500 guests
from all over the world - the magnificent world premiere of "A Shtetl in the
Caribbean" at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam, by the way, what an
impressive location! This outstanding documentary is making it's now way to
(y)our hearts and to (y)our cinemas - and did it already to (y)our

As you mentioned before, dear Mark, Memphis Film is trying to arrange a NY
premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival, and there are numerous other film
festivals at which this movie will be shown. I do hope, that this high
professional documentary will additionally be screened in the rest of those
countries, where the filming took place, too.

I couldn't restrain myself from taking a still from the movie scene at the
very end of the documentary and hope you'll like it, as it mirrors the mood
of this film:

Thank you for having me at the world premiere and "successfull and safe
trip" for your roadmovie documentary on it's further way!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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